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Q: Where can you the phrase all men created equal?
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All men and women are created equal?

The phrase "All men are created equal" was first used by Thomas Jefferson during the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin stylized the final form of the phrase.

What phrase was America not fully living up to in the early 1800s?

All men are created equal (Declaration of Independence).

Whom does the phrase all men are created equal refer?

All people in the world

The phrase all men are created equal expresses the basic idea of?


The phrase ''all men are created equal'' in the declaration of independence means that?

all individuals have equal God-given rights

Who said all men are created equal?

Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Luther King Jr. said that, "All men are created equal." :)

According to the passage what particular phrase of the Declaration of Independence affected groups that the authors never expected?

Study Island Question.... "All men are created equal"...

To whom does the phrase all men are created equal refer?

All people in the world

What is the title given to people that interpret literally the phrase All Men Are Created Equal?


How would you use the prepositional phrase in which properly?

The one truth in which we all believe is that all men are created equal.

That all men are created. What part of speech is that?

This phrase is a sentence fragment. The words "all men are created" appear to be part of a longer sentence, such as "all men are created equal." In this context, "created" is a verb, and the entire phrase functions as a subject-verb clause.

What is an example of assertion?

"all men are created equal"