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First use in print (exactly) "suit me to a T" from 1693. Despite lavish spontaneous use then, etymology unknown.

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Q: Where did the phrase me to a T come from?
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Where does the phrase to a t come from?

The phrase "to a T" is believed to come from the phrase "to a tittle," which means to the smallest detail or precision. The word "tittle" refers to a small stroke or point in writing, so doing something to a T means doing it perfectly or precisely.

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The phrase "match to the T" means something is precisely or exactly as it should be, with no room for improvement or error. It suggests a high level of accuracy or completeness.

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What is the correct spelling - 'down to a t' or 'down to a T' or 'down to a tee'?

the phrase is 'to a T'. eg "I will quote this to a T." So I guess it is 'down to a T'.

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Yes, "come with me" is a phrase. It is a request or invitation for someone to accompany you to a specific place or activity.

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