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A character might behave differently in different places APEX

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Q: Which gives the best example of how setting can reveal character?
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What literary element can reveal a character in a story?

Dialogue is a literary element that can reveal a character in a story, as it gives insight into their personality, beliefs, and motivations through how they communicate with other characters. Through dialogue, readers can better understand a character's relationships, conflicts, and development throughout the story.

Is the setting the beginning of the story?

Not necessarily. I could begin a writing without telling you anything of the setting. For example, I could only describe the inner thoughts of a character, without ever giving you a hint of where that character is, what time period, or even who the character is / or their name.Setting is when an author gives specific descriptions or subtle hints of location, time period, etc. It could begin on sentence #1:The streets of Memphis, Tennessee had never looked so deserted.Or setting could be held off for a couple or several pages.

What is the setting of the story does it depict the story?

By showing how a character reacts to or interacts with his or her surroundings

Which sentence gives an example of a character's body language?

"Jason clenched his fists, his jaw tight with anger, as he turned away from the group."

If God wants to reveal something to you will He reveal it to your religious leaders or will He reveal it directly to you?

To you directly. Be wary of people who claim to be God's messenger to you. Ask yourself if that claim (when you accept it) gives them any power over you.

What element of a story is most likely to describe the setting of a story?

The setting of a story is typically described through the element of "setting" itself. This includes details about the time, place, and atmosphere in which the story takes place. A well-developed setting can enhance the reader's understanding of the story and create a vivid backdrop for the events that unfold.

When an author gives a character only one main trait the character is called?

a flat.

When an author gives a character only one main trait the character is called what?

a flat.

What part of the plot is called the exposition?

The exposition is the part of the plot that introduces the characters, setting, and basic situation of the story. It provides essential background information for the audience to understand the rest of the narrative.

When an author gives a character many personal traits that character is called?

round-novanet question

Term for a character which gives a book its title?


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