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The correct one would be HAS DAMAGED. It is because the speaker is saying after the car has been damaged.

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Q: Which verb is the correct one for this sentence this is the fourth time he ( damages -is damaging - has damaged -damaged ) my car?
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What is the noun of damage?

The word damage is both a verb (damage, damages, damaging, damaged) and a noun (damage, damages). Examples:Verb: Indulging in gossip can damage your own reputation.Noun: The damage to the mailbox was minimal, the damage to the car was major.

What is the noun form of damage?

The word 'damage' is both a noun (damage, damages) and a verb (damage, damages, damaging, damaged).The noun 'damage' is a singular, common, abstract noun as a word for loss or harm caused by injury to a person or thing; a word for payment ordered by a court for loss or injury; a word for a thing.

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What is speech that wrongfully damages a person's reputation called?

Oral communication which damages a person's reputation is called slander. If the damaging information is written, it is called libel.

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Is damage a noun?

Yes, the word 'damage' is a noun, a common, abstract, mass (non-count) noun, a word for harm or negative effects to someone or something. Example sentence: The damage to the car was minor. The word 'damage' is also a verb (damage, damages, damaging, damaged), a word for the act of causing harm or negative effects to someone or something. Note: The plural form for the noun 'damages' is a legal term for money that must be paid to someone who has suffered loss, harm, or negative effects

Parked vehicle damaged on private property who is responsible for damages?

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