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Q: Can you get a horses mane wet while its braided?
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Can braided weave get wet?

yes, and wet and wavy weave will get more wavy when wet

Does plaiting a horses mane make it wavey?

Yes of course! just leave it in over night maybe wet a little and take it out in the morning and it'll be real wavy!!!

How do you pull a horse mane?

To pull a horse's mane, you will need a pulling comb or tool specifically designed for this purpose. Start by combing through the mane to remove any knots, then use the pulling tool to thin and shorten the mane by grabbing small sections of hair and pulling them out. Take care to pull only a little at a time to avoid discomfort for the horse.

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Which braided extensions hold best in water?

Wet n Wavy sew in. I'm a swimmer and use it all of the time.

What kind of water do horses drink?

Horses typically drink freshwater, such as from rivers, lakes, or water troughs. It's important for horses to have access to clean and uncontaminated water at all times to maintain their health and hydration. Saltwater and other types of contaminated water sources can be harmful to horses if consumed.

Why dry horses legs when wet?

if you don't they will get ill

Don't change horses in midstream?

This phrase is an idiom that advises against making changes or taking risks during a critical situation. It suggests that it is best to stick with a plan or course of action once it's already in progress to avoid added complications or disruptions.

What happens if you sleep with braided wet hair?

If you sleep on wet, braided hair and your hair dries while you are sleeping (it may take longer, depending on length, thickness, etc.) your hair will be wavy when you unbraid it. The waves will stay in your hair until you wet it again, although they will become looser over time. If you hair is still damp when you unbraid it, you will be able to comb the waves out quite easily, although if you do not comb your hair immediately after unbraiding it may still dry with waves. Add on: The wavy hair after you take the curles out is very pretty. although it may not work out, if your hair is a little bit wet still, you can scrunch it with moose. this is a good, way to get nice, strong hold curles without applying heat to your hair.

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