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Through promos only. They can't be sold.

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Q: How do you get a greyfell on Howrse?
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Can or how do you sell Greyfell on howrse?

Sadly you cannot sell one.. Apparently they are earned from promos and that is the only way to get one.

What are all the divine horses on howrse?

Sapphire, Ruby, Gypse, Balios, Ocean, Mist, Cowbra, Archimedes, Snow, Croesus, Xanthos, Greyfell, Spleipnir, Harlequin

What are the two diamond collector cards on Howrse?

The diamond cards are part of the howrse 2011 christmas cards. They are extremely rare and hard to find. The collector cards allowed puzzles to be completed (allowing a new divine: Greyfell) and a player to obtain BM/shop items.

What's a fake Howrse?

A Fake Howrse is a Fixed page of a Howrse.

How do you get a diamond on Howrse?

its not on howrse anymore, sorry

What is a martingale used for on Howrse?

There are no martingales on Howrse.

What is the species of the monkey in Howrse?

there are no monkeys on howrse...

In Howrse How often does a horse's stall need to be clean if the horse is in it frequently?

every day in real life and on howrse HOWRSE ANSWER:every day JustinMorgan from howrse

Does any one else have a Howrse account?

I do on the Aussie howrse I am horsesrule and on the international howrse I am horses are legendary

Cheats o Howrse?

Sadly there aren't any cheats on Howrse. Sorry. Look for me on howrse: Amysweet

Who are Ouranos and Gaia in Howrse?

The first parents on howrse.

How do you get a companion on Howrse?

the comanions no longer exist on howrse