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There is no way to speed up a Howrse mare's pregnancy - it will always give birth when it is 12 months pregnant and not earlier.

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Q: How does a horse on howrse give birth faster?
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When does your horse give birth on Howrse?

Howrse gestation takes 12 horse months.

In the reproduction on Howrse do you give them your horse?

no the reproduction is when you give birth to a foal.

How do you get your horse to give birth on Howrse?

throgh through aging to make it go faster use black market items or aging pionts

Can your horse give birth to a pegasus on Howrse?

No, sorry. But you never know, they might bring that to Howrse! Lots of people want it.

How long does it takes for a female horse to give birth on the game howrse?

it takes 12 months

On Howrse if the horse is in my EC do i still have to pay for a vet?

Yes, you do. so if the horse is going to give birth in your EC best to get a temporary employee for the day your horse is giving birth.

How do you know when your horse is going to give birth on howrse?

There will be a large pop-up on your page telling you to call the vet.

Can you give away your horse on Howrse?


What does it meant to breed horses on howrse?

This means in a certain amount of time (I can't remember exactly) your horse will give birth to a foal.

How do you give equus on Howrse?

You cannot give money on howrse. The only way you could is if you bought a horse from another player.

Do you only get one batch of twins when on Howrse you give your horse a hera pack on Howrse?


On Howrse will a piece of cloud make your horse not have her soon to be filly?

No it will just delay it. Your horse will give birth no matter what. But if you don't pay the vet the foal will die and you will lose a karma point.