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Usually they put a short bar in it, but they could also use a small hoop/ring or a captive earring.

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any type i think i did it before

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Q: What kind of earring are used in a rook piercing?
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What kind of earring are used for a snake bite piercing?

Usually lips are pierced with a 16g.

Can you get your rook re pierced after it was rejected?

It's not common for a properly done Rook piercing to reject. Due to this piercing being done in deep cartilage, the piercing should not reject (the cartilage won't let it reject). More often that not the problem is the method used to look after the piercing or the solutions used to heal the piercing (generally too much and not properly rinsed out). I would suggest you seek the expert advice of your local professional body piercer. They would need to see what you have going on with the piercing location. If there is enough tissue that isn't damaged they should be able to repierce the area.

What size earring should you use with a Tragus piercing?

For a tragus piercing, it's important to use an earring that is specifically designed for that type of piercing. The size of the earring will depend on the individual's anatomy and the initial jewelry used for the piercing. Generally, a small stud or hoop with a diameter of around 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch (6mm to 9mm) is commonly used for a tragus piercing. However, it's best to consult with a professional piercer for personalized advice on sizing and jewelry selection based on your specific piercing.

Does it mean you have an infection if your gums swell after a tongue piercing?

No it does not mean u have an infection it just means that you are alergect to the type of medle they used to perice it or the type of medal on your earring

Can tongue rings be used as earring's?

you can do it. i have some friends that put bellyrings and tongue rings in there ears.

What is involved in getting body piercing?

A needle is sterilized, and the needle is used to pierce a small hole where you wish to place an adornment like an earring. And numbing isnt recommended.

What is the chance that your earring will get embedded?

If you get your piercings done by a professional body piercer there is no risk that an earring will become embedded. Piercing guns are the only reason studs become embedded in piercings, that's why professional body piercers hate piercing guns so much. Piercing guns are used by people with no knowledge of the bodies ability to heal, and therefore they care less about your piercing or your health. it's just a pay cheque to them. See a professional body piercer who will use jewellery designed to work with you and your personal style while still caring about you and your piercing.

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If a king is placed in check by a rook and the rook is unprotected, they yes, the king can capture it. Another way to view the situation is that if a rook is used to put a king in check and the king will not end up in check by capturing that rook, then the king may take the rook.

What does RTO mean in the game rook?

The Rook is used only as the leading Trump card and can not be played at anytime.

Does eminem have a earring?

He used to .

What is needle with the smallest gauge?

For piercing, 18 gauge. that's the same gauge as a standard earring. There is also a 20 gauge which is a little smaller than an 18 gauge and rarely used for body piercing. There are smaller guage needles for medical use. 25 gauge is the smallest typically used in outpatient health care settings.

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