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simple get it serviced

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To funny I didn’t the ran for a bit

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Q: How do you remove the car and spanner light on your vauxhall?
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What does car with spanner in on vauxhall zafira dashboard mean?

Car and spanner on in vauxhall zafire

What does the car with a spanner light mean on a Vauxhall Astra?

could be that your car is due for service ,and the spanner light is a service warning, normally the light would have to be turned of by either a garage or some one who no,s what they are doing

What does a yellow car light on dashboard mean with spanner in it Vauxhall Meriva 2013?

Time for scheduled maintenance.

Why Vauxhall combo amber light on showing car with spanner in it?

The Amber light with a Spanner in it is a Service light. Telling you that the vehicle is in need of a service (Replacing the Oil, Oill Filter, Air Filter etc.) Your Vauxhall Dealer can take the amber light off using Tech 2.

A symbol of a car with a spanner stays on when driving vauxhall zafira?

There is a fault in the engine electrics. The light means "Fix Me".

What does the car and spanner light mean on the dashboard of your 2005 vauxhall corsa?

{your car requires a service) when the mechanic has completed the work he will re set your warning light.

Vauxhall astra dashboard car with a spanner light blinking engine not starting?

dose the car turn over or nothing at all when you turn the key

Diagram how to change indicator bulb peugeot 206?

The Peugeot 206 is a subcompact car. One has to remove the full light to change indicator bulb. A spanner can be used to remove the light cluster. Break the spanner off, and rebuild.

Why does the car and spanner light on a Vauxhall Astra 2006 1.7 CD-TI come on whilst driving on the motorway but when the car is stopped and restarted the light goes off what could be the cause?

It means it needs to be serviced. Take it to your dealer.

Why does the spanner symbol stay on on a vauxhall astra bertone 2002 model?

The spanner comes up to indicate that the car is due for a service. It should be reset by the garage after the service is carried out.

Why is the light with a car and a spanner on?

It is a fault code on the ECU. It is not a service light.

What is a picture of a car with a spanner going through it on an opel zafria?

the car with a spanner is an electrical fault warning light ( keeps flashing if there is a problem)