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A US size 7 womens is a size 4.5 UK

and a US size 7 mens is a size 6.5 UK

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Q: What would a shoe size 7 us size be in UK shoes?
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How do you convert Fiji shoe size to UK shoe size?

Fiji shoes size is the SAME at the UK Size

How do you convert UK shoe size to Fiji shoe size?

Fiji shoes size is the SAME at the UK Size

What is a size 39 shoe in US?

English (the UK) doesn't have size 39 shoes. A size 39 womens shoe would be a European size, which is size 7 1/2 in American shoes, and size 6 in the UK (England).

What shoe size is Cristiano Ronaldo?

His shoes size is in UK...

What size shoe does Cristiano Ronaldo wear?

His shoes size is 9 in uk;;

What is size 10 shoe size in phils. to UK shoe size?

lol, i dont know what is the official shoes size in Filipino, there are three most used shoes size standards :UK/ US and EUROPE different sizes measurement match different CM. There is a size conversion table for your reference for men's and women's shoes and clothes sizes conversion.

What is the UK shoe size equivalent to Indian Shoe Size 8?

Also an 8! UK and Indian shoe sizes are the same.

What is a men's shoe size 6 equal to in a kids shoe size?

Its still a UK Mens size 6 ,but you can still Get kids shoes in that size Xx Kim x

What is ladies shoe size 8 in equal to in UK shoe size?

For a ladies 8 in Europe is 42 and in us is 10.5 This is the full information about shoes size look the link below:

What is US shoe size 10 for Australia shoe size?

~9.5-10. search "shoe size conversion" in your favorite search engine and you ll find more sources

What European shoe size is UK shoe size 5.5?

UK shoe size 5.5 is European shoe size 38.7.

What is the biggest shoe size in kids shoes?

us size 34 is the biggest shoes size for kids and 5 1/2 in UK sizes.