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Q: What do the colors of exctasy stand for?
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Does excsatsy cause weight loss?

Not really. Exctasy can make a person not hungry, which can result in weight loss. However, exctasy is a very dangerous drug and should not be taken at any time.

What colors are the roman army?

they have a stand of colors . . .

What does each stand stand for?

In the Olympics? The colors and rings represent the colors of the flags and the rings are the continents.

What Liberia colors means?

The colors of the liberian flags stand for: red stand for the blood that was share ,the white stand for the love peace .

What do the Romanian flag colors stand for?

The colors stand for liberty, justice, and fraternity (blue, yellow, red).

What are Ghanaian concept of colors and what they stand for?

THE GHANAIAN concept of colors

What is the DECA color Blue stand for?

what does deca's colors stand for

What the colors stand for on the habs logo?

the "BLUE BLANC ROUGE" stand for the colors of the french revolutions when they were in quebec before WW1.

What do the colors stand for in the Roman flag?

what do the colors standfor in the roman flag

What do the colors of the suffrage flag stand for?

=== ===

What do Princeton's colors black and orange stand for?

It stands for the colors of the mascot which is a tiger

What does the colors on turkeys flag stand for?

under the skin of the turkey there are theese colors.