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Nothing, most women do. When you bleed it means the heimen is broken and you are no longer a virgin.

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Q: What happens if you bleed on your first time?
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Is it normal for a girl to bleed her first time?

if a girl doesn't bleed her first time that idicates that she didn't loose her virginity .

Will a virgin girl bleed?

On most girls, they do bleed a little bit when it's their first time.

What happens with your menstrual cycle after first time?

It's the same, all though you might bleed a little heavier because of sex, but no worries. It's completely normal. :)

What does it mean if you didn't bleed and it was your first time?

The bleeding associated with the first occurrence of intercourse is due to the breaking of the hymen. This often happens in girls long before intercourse through various other physical activities.

Does a crocker spaniel bleed for the first time in heat?

yes but not as much as the second time

Can you get pregnant if you haven't got your period?

You can get pregnant before the first time you bleed because you ovulate before you bleed and that is when you can get pregnant.

My girl frd was a virgin and she dosent bleed after her first sex why?

Most women don't bleed their first time, that is a myth. Only 20% do. She is perfectly normal.

Does it bleed from annal the first time?

If it does, you've done something wrong.

If you bleed after sex for the first time does that mean that the cherry has been popped?

well .... I've never had sex before but from what i heard when you first have sex (for the first time) you bleed meaning you lost your virginity so yea that means you popped your cherry

What happens when pigs get hurt?

They bleed.

What happens to the skin when you get a cut?

you bleed

Can you bleed up to a week after first time sex?

You can spot for a week, yes.