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Q: Where do you get a Maximum Ride costume?
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What are the 8 titles of Maximum Ride novels?

Maximum Ride: The angel experiment Maximum Ride: School's out forever Maximum Ride: Saving the world and other extreme sports Maximum Ride: Final warning Maximum Ride: Max Maximum Ride: Fang Maximum Ride: Angel Maximum Ride: Nevermore

Whats the name of the Fourth Maximum Ride book?

The name of the forth maximum ride is: Maximum Ride: The Final Warning

What is the name for the ''Maximum Ride'' movie?

Movie 1: Maximum Ride: The Fugitives Movie 2: Maximum Ride: The Protectors

What is the name of the maximum ride movie?

Maximum Ride: Angels of Science

Who is the author of Maximum Ride?

James Patterson is the author of Maximum Ride.

What is the Maximum Ride movie going to be about?

It's about a 'flock' of six kids who run away from a lab called "the school". The kids have wings and can fly. They're 2% avian (bird) and 98% human. Max is the leader, and shes totally awesome. the book series is as follows: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Maximum Ride: Schools Out -- Forever Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports Maximum Ride: The Final Warning Maximum Ride: MAX Maximum Ride : FANG Maximum Ride : ANGEL

What is Maximum Ride's dream?

One of Maximum Ride's dreams is to learn how to cook.

What is the dogs name in Maximum Ride?

Total is the name of the dog in Maximum Ride.

Will there be a Maximum Ride book 8?

yes. it will be the last maximum ride book.

When was Maximum Ride created?

Maximum Ride was created on 2005-04-11.

What is Maximum Ride wingspan?

About 13 feet across is Maximum Ride's wingspan.

What is the seventh Maximum Ride book?

The 7th book in the Maximum Ride series is called Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel. It comes out February 14, 2011!