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Q: Can i get my ex boyfriend back even if he has a new girlfriend and i acted desperate and say names to her new girlfriend?
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What to names go together for boyfriend and girlfriend?

Jessy and Jessica

What two names go together for boyfriend and girlfriend?

Jessy and Jessica

What names can a boyfriend call his girlfriend?

babe, sweetie, honey, darlin, cutie, (sexy, in private.

My boyfriend lost his ex girlfriend who he really loved in a car accident and everyone keeps reminding me of that How can i ask my boyfriend if he's over his ex girlfriend?

ask him if he is comfortable naming his ex`s names and then iif he is when he is done ask him if he is over all of them

What is the difference between seeing someone exclusively and being boyfriend girlfriend?

There is absolutely no difference between the two. They're both different names for the same concept.

What should a boyfriend know about his girlfriend?

well that all depends how long the boyfriend and girlfriend have been together, at the least i would say he should no her name lol. if however the couple have been together for a month or two maybe he should no her birthday, and maybe after a year he should no her mother and fathers names, and her sisters and brothers names. it all depends on the period of time he has been with her or known her. hope this helps :)

What are the desperate house wives names?

Susan, Bree, Lynette and Gabriella

What are the names of all the movies Hilary Duff has acted in?

Check on

Did Frances Harper have a boyfriend?

well not a boyfriend but a husband names fenton Harper

What was Terry Foxs names?

Terry's girlfriend was named Jerry. He didn't have a steady girlfriend.

When do you capitalize names of relationships?

Girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, fiance, etc are all common nouns and don't require capitalization. If you're referring to a specific relationship like "Bennifer," then it's a proper noun and you capitalize it.

Would Justin Bieber go out with brown girl that loves to laugh and dance and make jokes when she laugh?

Justin Bieber has a girlfriend and a huge fan base full of girls whose names he doesn't know that are desperate to date him. Your chances of dating him are very very slim.