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Yes, some US states permit same-sex marriages and an American citizen can sponsor a same-sex foreign spouse for permanent residency, leading eventually to citizenship.

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Q: Can same-sex couples marry in The US and if so what is the process for the foreign fiancee to become a US citizen?
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What is the legal process that makes a foreign-born person a citizen of the US?

The process is called "naturalization" - the legal process by which a foreign immigrant gains citizen status, and (almost) all rights and privileges thereof. Naturalized citizens still cannot be President or Vice President.

A legal process that makes a foreign-born person a citizen of the US?

for the us is migrating

What is the step by step process for a Russian citizen to marry an American citizen in America and to become an American citizen?

yes you can, a person is aloud and has the right to marrry whomever they want whether based on religion,age(if over 18),or even gender(depending on location) Of Course, a Russian can marry an American citizen!! All that you need to take note is that of the law of both the countries. If the marriage is to happen in the US, then the American citizen needs to sponsor the fiancee to the US on a F-1 visa. Once the visa gets approved and the fiancee is in the US, next step is getting married within 90 days of entering. Once the marriage is legalized, the American citizen can then sponsor a green card for the fiancee.

What process do lawyers use to obtain a fiancee visa?

"in order to obtain a fiancee visa, you must first file a petition with USCIS, after this is processed the fiancee must interview at a government immigration office."

What is legal process for British citizen marrying Zimbabwean citizen?

In order to marry a Zimbabwean citizen in Zimbabwe, a foreign citizen must apply for and gain citizenship. If the wedding is to take place in the United Kingdom, if the British individual has been a citizen for three years, all that is required is that the Zimbabwean citizen not have committed any crimes, and marries the UK citizen. This would lead to citizen ship for the Zimbabwean spouse.

If you come to the U.S. on a fiancee visa and get married to a U.S. citizen can you start work right away or is there a waiting period?

If you travel to the US on a k1 fiancee visa, you generally have to apply for a temporary work permit once you arrive. This may take a few months to process, so under normal circumstances, I would say that no, you can't legally work as soon as you arrive.

What is the process of becoming a US citizen called?

The process of granting a nationality or citizenship to someone is called Naturalization.Naturalization is the process in becoming a citizen.

What is the process which a citizen of one country becomes a citizen of another country?


Is it a long and hard process for a US citizen to file for a divorce from an illegal alien?

No. The process is the same as it would be if the spouse were a U.S. citizen.

Do a person have to be a born citizen to run for congress?

No they do not have to be born a US Citizen. They can become a citizen through the naturalization process.

What is a US Citizen?

Someone that was born in the United States, has a parent that is a US Citizen or has been naturalized through the Citizenship process.

How does an adult become naturalized citizen?

You have to complete the official legal process for becoming a citizen.