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No , If the girl loves you enough she could over look the enagement ring. But later she may want one to show her friends . It kinda of romantic when a guy does a implusive thing and pops the question and you use whatever is around you as a ring like one from the little machines at Walmart lol .. and tell her you will get her one later . I'm sure she will love you no matterwhat you have ...

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It is a customary symbol of a betrothal. It can be a simple ring or an elaborate one.

It's not required, but there are statistics that show fewer people accept a proposal when there is no ring. It's also harder to know if someone is being serious, or just doing some high-school "hey baby, marry me" type of thing. The ring is what symbolizes the engagement so it's very defining. Some suitors don't get a ring beforehand, but let the bride-to-be pick one out (since she will be the one wearing it).

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In short, no engagement rings are not necessary. However, if there is no engagement ring then there is no symbol or proof of the verbal commitment. If a woman says she is married, but does not wear an engagement ring, it might make it harder to prove that she is engaged.

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Q: Do I need an engagement ring to propose?
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Can you give an engagement ring while still married?

If you are married she should already have an engagement ring. You give her the engagement ring when you propose, before the wedding is even planned.

Do you still buy an engagement ring if your girlfriend is getting her mothers wedding ring Or how does that work?

If your girlfriend is getting her mother's engagement ring, then go to the mother and ask for it to propose. This will tell the mother that you care about her daughter enough that you would go ask first if you could propose.

Do you need to have an engagement ring?


Do you need a Engagement ring?

An engagement ring is not required, but is a customary symbol of betrothal. Some modern couples are opting for skipping the engagement ring, and saving for their future together instead. Gifts can be exchanged in lieu of engagement rings. To answer your question, No, you do not NEED an engagement ring, but if you want one...go for it!

Why give an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is symbolic. The circular band symbolizes everlasting love and the diamond (the hardest natural substance on the face of the earth) signifies unwavering commitment and devotion which is why the engagement ring is exchanged when you propose. You're proposing your everlasting love and unwavering devotion and adoration…

What is the duration of The Engagement Ring?

well how longs a piece of string. The asnwer is however long you want it to be. When you propose you can still get your life together. An engagement is more of a promise than a commitment. Just make sure the other person knows how much you love them. An engagement is however long you need to get everything sorted out in your life and for the wedding. Hope that helps

Who made the very first proposal with an engagement ring?

Marriage proposals using engagement rings were first recorded in 1215, when Pope Innocent III decreed a waiting period between a betrothal and the marriage ceremony. The first person to propose marriage using an engagement ring is not known, but the first person to propose with a diamond engagement ring is said to be Archduke Maximilian of Austria. He proposed to Mary of Burgundy in 1477, a time where diamonds were an extreme rarity.

Should you ask her dad before you give her a promise ring?

That is totally up to you. In my own experience I waited to propose to my wife until I asked both of her parents for their blessing. I don't think it is necessary for a promise ring, but definitely before you buy an engagement ring and propose.

How long do you have to wait for a sim to propose marriage?

If your getting married to a neighbor, You can propose engagement and then propose the marriage.

How do you propose a girl who likes you?

Take her off to paris for the weekend on her birthday and give her her engagement ring as the birthday present as she opens the box with the ring inside, say 'will you marry me' that would be thoughtful and very romantic

What is the engagement ring law in Georgia?

This depends on who broke the engagement. If the woman breaks the engagement, she has to return the ring. If a man breaks the engagement, she gets to keep the ring.

Do you get your engagement ring back if there is longer an engagement live in California?

Do get get your engagement ring back if there is no longer an engagement live California