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Some working parents may spend more time with their children than they did before they worked, but some parents may have less time for their children.

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Q: Do working parents spend more time with their children then before?
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How long do each of the Gosselin parents get to spend with the kids?

Currently there is no set amount of time Jon and Kate each spend with their children. They have been working out the custody schedule between themselves, depending on their work obligations and the children's school commitments.

How much time do children spend in the classroom versus time spent with parents?

Children spend about 7 hours of their day in a classroom during the school year. Often times they spend an equal amount with their parents.

Who affects the life of a child the most?

Parents affect the life of a child the most. The parents affect a child by the way they treat them, love them, and how they spend their time with them. Children look to their parents before anyone else.

How much money do parents spend on children's birthday parties?

a lot

How much time should parents spend with their children doing homework?

Parents should spend however much time is necessary for their particular child to grasp the material.

What is a possible solution for single working parents to spend more time at home with children?

To spend more time at home with children, you must spend less time at work. This can be accomplished by opting for a part-time job, or seeing if your employer will allow you to do some work at home. Another possibility is for you to become the owner of a company so that you can delegate more responsibility to your workers.

Standard out of state visitation in Missouri?

Custody of children is decided upon in court. The judge will set a schedule for the parents, so the out of state parents will spend adequate time with their children.

What causes of a social among of teenagers?

lacking of caring parents never spend their time with children

How much time do parents spend time with their kids?

In the old days and in the third-world parents spend an average of about 10 hours with their kids, even sleep with them. This has become less in our modern world and with working parents the amount recommended is a MINIMUM of 3 hours a day but many spend about an hour a day and far less for teenagers. The lack of "quality time" a family needs together may lead to the kids going on drugs, wacko and amok!

Can you give me an example of a sentence using the word orphanage?

We went to the orphanage to spend time with the children who did not have parents.

Should labor policies be adjusted to meet the needs of working parents?

Yes because you need to spend time with your family.

How much money do American children spend per year on average?

Teenagers spend about $100 Billion a year, and children under the age of 12 spend $11 billion of their own money, and influence 75%, about $165 Billion of their parents money per year.