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Q: Does Zoe sugg have a boyfriend?
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How old is Zoe Sugg?

Zoella "Zoe" Sugg is 27 years old. She was born on 28 March 1990.

Are Alfie deyes and Zoe sugg dating?


Who is Zoe Suggs dad?

Graham Sugg. xP

Is Zoe sugg atheist?

She does not follow an organised religion but has also said that she is not an atheist.

Is boyfriend going to marry Zoe?


Who is joe sugg?

Joe Sugg is a famous British YouTuber.

When did Frank Sugg die?

Frank Sugg died in 1933.

When was Frank Sugg born?

Frank Sugg was born in 1862.

When did Walter Sugg die?

Walter Sugg died in 1933.

Who is Zoe's boyfriend in a crooked kind of perfect?

Zoe doesn't have a boyfriend. But in one point of the story they said Colton Shell got all fancied up for her and how much he likes her and how he gave her a card for her birthday. Then for a very weird reason she had a small feeling Wheeler was her boyfriend but of course she got the chills! But Zoe doesn't have a boyfriend.

How tall is joe sugg?

Joe sugg is 5 feet and 8 inches

What does Chad Sugg's tattoo say?

Chad Sugg's tattoo says ""