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Hazel. By the way you know my BRO The Emerald Ocean. HI Blue

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ginger in girls

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Q: Guys what is your favorite hair color?
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What is the guys from one direction favorite hair color?

Brown x3

What was Louis pateur favorite color?

Louis what is your favorite hair color

What are Nick Jonas' favorite color eyes and hair?

Nick Jonas's favorite color of eyes are brown and his favorite color of hair is brunette. He told "J-14" Magazine when they did a Bio on him.

What are the guys of one direction favorite color?


What is the sprouses hair color?

Scandinavian Blonde Is One of My Favorite Hair Colors, And Irish Red Is One of My Sister, Tabitha's Favorite Hair Colors.

What is Nick Jonas fav color?

Nick Cannon's favorite color in general is: Pink Nick Cannon's favorite color hair is: Blond

What is your favorite hair color?

My Sister Tai's Favorite Of All Round And Extremely Full Of Hair Is Bright Ginger/Strawberry Blonde!

What is Selena gomez's favorite hair color?

Selena Gomez's favorite hair color is black during winter and blond during summer! :)

What are the favorite color of the guys in green day?

Black and red

What is zyans favorite hair color?


What is the most attractive hair color to guys?

I like black

What hair color do guys like best?

Black is very good for Boys. It do good and very beautiful to see. Even girls also like the boys whose hair is in black colour. use black colour to your hair . Guys are more interested in who you are than in the color of your hair. Some guys like black hair; some guys like blond hair; some guys like brown hair; some guys like red hair; and some guys are turned on by a woman with a bald head. Some guys loose interest if you color your hair, because they think you are trying to be someone you are not. It is best to be yourself to attract boys who are interested in being with you (not just with your hair).