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Q: How a child's looked after care status may influence their development?
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Do you have to pay child support if you married to the childs mother?

If the court has said you are to pay child support, your marital status does not matter.

What can influence a person's health status?

Medical care, gentic makeup, and lifestyle decisions can all influence a person's health status.

What Factors influencing attitudes towards development?

Factors that influence attitudes towards development include cultural beliefs, socioeconomic status, education level, experiences with development projects, access to information, and perceptions of the benefits and costs of development initiatives. These factors can shape how individuals and communities view the impact of development on their lives and the environment.

What are four environmental influences that can affect the development of someone's personality?

Family dynamics and upbringing - the way a person is raised and the relationships within their family can significantly impact their personality development. Socioeconomic status - the resources and opportunities available to a person based on their socioeconomic status can shape their personality traits and behaviors. Cultural norms and values - the cultural environment in which a person is raised can influence their personality development and shape their beliefs and behaviors. Peer influence - interactions with peers and social groups can have a significant impact on personality development as individuals learn social skills and adopt behaviors from their peers.

What is the development status of Italy?


What is the development status of Canada?

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What are the factors that influence growth and development in humans?

Factors that influence growth and development in humans include genetics, nutrition, environment, socio-economic status, access to healthcare, and quality of education. Genetic factors determine a person's potential height and build, while nutrition, healthcare, and environmental factors can affect physical and cognitive development. Socio-economic status and education also play a significant role in shaping opportunities and resources available for overall growth and development.

How do commanders enhance leader development?

Commanders enhance leader development by creating examples of how to lead a group and gain status, power, respect. they also show how to be tough enough to influence those under them. They also help by assessing their performance against standards.

What percentage of influence does lifestyle have on a person's health status?

Lifestyle has approximately 40 percent influence on a person's health status. However, this can vary based on each person.

How did the social development of post classical Japan differ from the development of Korea during the period of Chinese influence?

japan had more rights for women. Confucianism from china in Korea degraded women but since japan was able to choose how they were influenced they kept the status of women high

Which of the following enviromental factors do not influence your health status?


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When are we getting our rent rebate checks are we getting them early??