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The circulatory and digestive systems are indirectly related. Digestion passes important nutrients to the blood while the blood circulates oxygen for cellular respiration. The digestive system takes in and uses food. This food is broken down. When broken down a part of it is called glucose and is used for respiration. Respiration produces energy, CO2 and water. The energy is used by the entire body. The heart also uses it to pump blood around the body. This is the connection between the digestive and circulatory system.

The small intestine contains many blood vessels which absorb the nutrients from the food into the blood. Both systems help keep each other (and the entire body) alive. The digestive system needs oxygen and blood to stay alive, and the circulatory system needs nutrition to stay alive.

The nutrients in the food are absorbed by the digestive system and transferred to the blood vessels which carry blood around the body and to the heart. If the circulatory system were not functioning, the digestive system would not be provided with enough oxygen to function. Alternatively, if the digestive system did not work, then the heart would not have the proper nutrients to function.

The food that we eat provide nutrients to the blood, after it has been digested. The digestive system provides energy for the heart to pump blood. The villi in the small intestine have capillaries on them that transport the nutrients after being digested to the blood stream. The function of the circulatory system is to carry around oxygen and nutrients, so that is the relationship.

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Q: How are the circulatory and digestive systems related?
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