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I know a guy and he's shy, but whe I do see him because we live far apart, he acts as if he wants me to spend time with him doing things like keeping me where we start talking. He looks so deep into my eyes when he talks to me , that I feel like he can see right through me. What does this mean? Thank you.

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Q: How can one tell if a shy guy misses her?
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How do you tell a guy you like him if he is shy?

Just tell him as soon as you have he will stop being shy.

How do you tell if a shy guy like you?

You ask him..

How can shy girls tell a guy that they like him?

touch him.

How can you tell if a painfully shy guy likes you?

You ask him.

How can you tell that a guy loves you?

He will get all shy and really romantic

I'm to shy to tell this guy you like him what do you do?

Get over your shyness and just go up and tell him straight out. Surely you don't expect someone else to do this for you? If you really like this guy, then you are the only one who can tell him that.

How do i tell a guy i like him if I'm shy?

By saying so.

If one of a guy friend told you that this guy likes you then the next day say he doesnt like you?

He probably still likes you but is to shy to tell you. Maybe he found out your guy friend told you that he likes you so now he is changing his story because he is shy.

What if a guy likes you but he is shy?

Like myself I'am a very shy person and recently i came across with this situation, if you dont wanna tell him directly give him hints, and tell him to not be shy.

How can you tell if a shy guy likes you back?

You will catch him/her taking glances at you!:)

How do you tell a guy im falling for him?

just admit it dont be shy and then get it on

How can you tell if one of your best friends likes you?

Answer Don't be the last one out because you are shy, ask the guy what he thinks of the two of you getting together.