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You can keep kids interested in something by making it fun. Change things often, while keeping it fun.

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Q: How do you keep kids interested?
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Do children use educational software?

Yes if you find a good program that will keep kids interested then they will use it.

What computers are safe for children to use?

Tablets are perfect for kids to use. They have a touch-screen which kids love to do. Gives them a action-reaction effect that keep them interested in what would happen next.

Do they make up different color belts karate just to keep the kids interest?

Yes, some school create a many tiered system. One reason is to keep the kids interested. Another is to allow them to collect testing fees and to sell the belts.

Why do men let down there kids once they get in to a new relationship?

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What is better a clarinet or singing My cousin is getting married and i want to play a wedding song called Love of my Life But i don't know if I should sing it or play it on my clarinet?

I would say sing because it will keep your audience more interested. It will also keep little kids interested.

What can keep you interested in school?

If you have a favorite subject that should keep you interested. Like for me I like History, I am interested in learning and listening to it. I hope this answer helps you.

What is a good kids speech?

The best speech for kids is, something that there interested in, "like to talk about".

What are the best preschool games to keep my child interested?

The following website has over 50 games aimed for kids his age that are both fun and educational. It has a little something for kids of all interests.

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