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dont be such a brat and wait for him to give it to you then you will know whether he did

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Q: How do you know if your boyfriend bought you something?
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Am I jealous of my boyfriend?

I don't know, are you? You are the only one who can answer that and do something about it.

How do you know if your boyfriend burnt you?

You'll know if he burnt you if you saw him burn you with something really hot.

When do you know when to dump your boyfriend?

Give him a chance for him to do something for you then if he doesn't then break-up with him.

Boyfriend and you want to do something with him but you dont know how to?

just go with the flow. it'll be fine!

I have a present which I received from someone my boyfriend hates the most How I lie to my boyfriend that the present was not from the one and I bought it for myself?

You made a big mistake by not taking the time to figure out what your boyfriend may like for his birthday because a good gift (small or large; inexpensive or expensive) should be from the heart. Now you have had help to get someone else to buy the gift that your boyfriend does not like. It's better to be honest than lie and depending on what you bought him you could say that you needed help (for example: buying tickets for a sports game or something your boyfriend may like for his car) and you did not know enough about it to pick out the gift yourself.

How do you know when your ex-boyfriend ignores you?

When you say something to him and he continues what he's doing without answering you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend talks about his privacy?

It means hes hiding something he doesn't want you to know about

How do you know if your boyfriend is wrong for you?

You will probably sense that something isn't rite. Its pretty much up to you and how you feel about him.

How do you tell your boyfriend about a deceased parent?

Tell them that you want to tell them something serious and that it would be appropiate for them to know.

How do you know when someone is your boyfriend?

Asking them how they feel about the relationship is a good place to start. You can even ask them point blank, "Do you consider yourself my boyfriend?" If something is bothering you or if you are unsure about something in a relationship, it is always a good idea to talk to your partner so that you know where things stand on their end.

How do you know if you bought something off of eBay?

It will show under purchases with a dollar sign indicating paid.

What is a small but meaningful gift for your boyfriend for your one month anniversary?

you could maybe get him something like his favorite candy or something something simple but it still lets him know you care(: