How do you spank?

Updated: 11/16/2022
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getting spanked is easy. if you want your boyfriend to spank you then wear something super super short showing your butt, then get over his lap and tell him how you fantasize about him to making your butt red hot.

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Have now cleaned it up a bit since there was some inappropriate writings about how to punish children in a sexual way. This is not allowed. Should also be known that in some countries spanking your child is illegal.


Adults in a sexual way:A1: You should first start by pulling down the pants/underwear/thong. After that, use an impliment of choice. Place person over the knee, and spank each butt-cheek equaly. If you need any other tips, vist if you want too cause pain do it till each cheek is red. Use a wooden paddle to ehance the pleasure.

A2: -methods include rub with icy hot after the spanking

- give a wedgie after the spanking is done

- spank with a leather strap

- force them to sit down right after the beating

- continue spanking till severe bruised

- use elastic strap snaps.

For punishing children:A1: Give them hard spanks on their butt and scold them for being naughty. You can use an implement for more pain and lesson learning. Spanking is best when the spanked bottom is really red and tight looking Spank them with the item they broke.
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Q: How do you spank?
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