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Normally it will come out in a monthly period if it is dead.

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Q: How long can a seven week baby stay dead in its mother's womb?
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How long does a baby shark have to stay in their mother's stomach?

how long does a baby shark have to stay in the mothers stomach.

How long can a baby live in mothers dead body?

A few minutes at most. When the heart stops the oxygen nutrients and everything else is stopped so the baby would have nothing. It wouldn't be able to breath.

How long do baby mice need to be with there mothers?

4 weeks

How long do baby jaguars stay with their mothers?

2 years.

How long can a baby survive in a mothers womb after death?

Without the mother having any circulation or life support, it wouldn't last very long. They baby would begin to suffocate. After 4 minutes, neurological damage would begin. In about 10 to 15 minutes, there would be fetal death.

How long is a baby orca in its moms tummy?

A baby Orca is in it's mothers tummy for 8 Months before birth.

How long do baby lovebirds stay with their mothers after they hatch?

About 7 weeks or depends

How long do baby giraffes stay with their mothers?

up to 6 months

How long do baby birds need their mothers. Is it true that at some point mothers stop sleeping with the baby birds because they get too big and they only come back to feed them?

depends on what bird

How long are baby narwhals?

Baby narwhals are usually six to seven feet.

How long can baby lions stay with their mothers?

Only until they become grown or if they are adapting to a new region

How long does a zebra baby feed on its mothers milk?

At 3 months a foal starts to wean off it's mothers milk. It still drinks her milk but can also eat grass :)