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I'm 5'10 and I'm 16

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Q: How tall is a Vietnamese person?
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What do you call a person from Vietnam?


What is vietnamese?

A vietnamese person is a person that is asian and that is usually born in Viet NamANSWER Vietnamese means people who are ware born in Vietnam. Vietnamese is a main language in Vietnam. 90% speak Vietnamese 3% chinese. And thai Khmer......

What do you call native of Vietnam?

A person from Vietnam is called Vietnamese. If the person is an American, he or she might hyphenate it, like Vietnamese-American.

How tall is a vietnamese 11 year old?

Haha. I am a vietnamese too and i am eleven. I am actually four eight. I know i am short.

What is the singular possessive of Vietnamese?

The possessive form of the singular, proper noun Vietnamese is Vietnamese's.Example: The Vietnamese's passport is in order, the others' are not.Note: The noun 'Vietnamese' is a word for a person from Vietnam.The word Vietnamese is also an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.Example: He carried a Vietnamese passport.

A person who LIVES N VIETNAM?

A vietnamese

Is Vietnam and Vietnamese the same?

No, Vietnam is a country; whereas Vietnamese is a nationality. So a person from Vietnam is Vietnamese, just like someone from China is Chinese, and so on.

How do you write Vietnamese in Vietnamese?

người việt nam = vietnamese person, tiếng việt nam = vietnamese language. you could just say nguoi viet and tieng viet though Simply Việt Nam

Is Selena Gomez a Vietnamese person?

no she's Mexican

What is the daily life of a Vietnamese person?

eat, sleep, talk, and work.

What is the the proper adjective for vietnamese?

The proper adjective for "Vietnamese" is "Vietnamese." For example, "Vietnamese cuisine" or "Vietnamese culture."

How much is a Vietnamese samuari from Vietnam worth?

a samuari is a person, not a thing, and they do not exist anymore.