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Yes, anyone can publish a good book!

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Q: Is it possible for a 12 year old to get a book published?
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Is it possible for a 12 year old to write a book and be published?

Depends on what type of book it will be

Can you be 13 and have a published book?

Yes, it is possible for a 13-year-old to have a published book. There have been instances of young authors who have had their works published at a young age with the support of their families, publishers, or literary agents.

Can books get published by teens?

Yes!! I fact, the book Swordbird and its sequals were published by a twelve-year-old!

What is the chance that a 12 year old will get a book published?

if the book is really good you might get it published but you should wait at least 8 years

How old is a book called A Task by R L Stevenson?

I have a copy of this book that was published in 1913, so that would make the book 100 years old this year.

Who is the youngest person to publish a fictional book?

Guinness World Records said that title belonged to a four-year-old girl from Washington whose book How The World Began was published in 1964. The youngest published male in the world was a six-year-old from Brazil whose book Dragon Island was published in 2003.

Who is the youngest person to publish a nonfictional book?

Thirteen year old from England,published a non-fictional book in 1993.

How old was Sarah weeks when she published her first book?

Sarah Weeks was 15 years old when she published her first book.

How old is the series of unfortunate events?

The first book was published is 1999 and the last book was published in 2006

Could your book be published if you are fourteen or fifteen years old?

Yes, your book can be published at any age.

Can a 13 year old sign a publishing contract to get a book published?

In most countries a contract can only be signed by a person who is considered to be an adult. I know of no country where a 13 year old would be considered to be an adult. However, it would be possible to get this contract but it would need to be signed by the 13 year old's legal guardian. The 13 year old would need the advice of an attorney before entering into any arrangements.

When did Frankenstein exist?

The book was published in 1818 by ninteen year old Mary Shelley. I believe it was also set in the 1820's.