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Q: Love language Why is it not hypocritical to express love sexually toward your spouse when you have negative feelings toward them?
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Why do guys dream sexually about their woman and only their woman?

Because you love them and you have feelings for them.

Are you allowed to use sexually explicit language on YouTube?

Yes only it has to do what the videos is

How can a person control their gay feelings?

Any person can control their sexual feelings. Control means not harassing others or doing something sexually inappropriate.However, if you are asking how to not have gay feelings, that is simply not possible. If you are gay, you cannot stop having gay feelings. It's nature.

Is it possible to have no sexual feelings at all?

It's possible, it is known as being "asexual" meaning not sexually attracted to any gender.

What is Sister, Sister rated?

My Sister's Keeper is rated PG-13. This is due to language and sexually.

If a female narcissist really has no feelings what enables them to become sexually aroused?

Sexual arousal is not based upon emotional feelings for some people. Sexual arousal is merely a physical characteristic, displaying the desires of the human body to reproduce in the way that it was designed to do so. Some women who are raped are sexually aroused. There was no emotional attachment, but it was simply the bodies response to the actions of the rapist. It can not always be controlled.

If I look at other men sexually does that mean that I am gay?

A homosexual is a person whose sexual fantasies and experiences are exclusively or almost exclusively with others of the same sex. If looking "at other men sexually" means you are aroused by them, and if you don't have similar feelings about women, you are probably gay.

What does sexuall fustrated?

In general terms, being sexually frustrated is associated with the feeling of frustration felt when sex isn't occuring as often as one feels necessary. Some people dealing with sexual frustration have feelings of anger and outrage and often act out on these feelings.

Why are religions very hypocritical?

Many people who espouse strong beliefs on a whole range of issues are hypocrites, This can apply to religious leaders and, to some extent, even to religions. Some Catholic priests who preach sexual abstinence can turn out to be sexually active. Some televangelists have also turned out to be promiscuous or to live lavish lifestyles while preaching Christian virtues. However, on the whole, religions and religious leaders are not really hypocritical.

Is staphylococcus saprophytic is a harmfully bacteria?

No, Staphylococcus saprophyticus is typically considered to be a low virulence bacterium, meaning it is less harmful compared to other Staphylococcus species. It is commonly found on human skin and mucous membranes, and can occasionally cause urinary tract infections in young women.

What are 3 types of consequences associated with premarital sexual activity?

Emotional consequences: Engaging in premarital sexual activity can lead to feelings of guilt, regret, or shame, particularly if it conflicts with personal values or religious beliefs. Physical consequences: There is a risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when engaging in sexual activity without using protection. Unplanned pregnancies can also result from premarital sex, which can have significant physical and emotional implications. Social consequences: For some individuals, there may be social repercussions such as judgment, stigma, or negative reactions from family, friends, or society. This can lead to strained relationships or feelings of isolation.

What's it called when you are not sexually attracted to the same gender but you think they are cute You want no intercourse with the same gender but may have feelings?

Also does this still consider that you can still like the opposite gender?