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  • Married men should be off limits to either single women or married women of any age. There use to be a code where most women didn't go after a married man, but unfortunately the morals of today are sadly abused and it seems anything goes. Women who go after married men or say yes to a married man are cheap and all they generally become is a mistress and the married man may be caught up in his mistress because it is a new relationship, but if he cheated on his wife he generally will cheat on his mistress or, he will become bored with her. The mistress almost always loses out and married men often go back to their wives or, if they don't they will simply move on. It is a very low percentage where married men will divorce and either live with their mistress or marry her.
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Q: Married man love affair
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Why a married man would not love his wife?

AnswerBecause she's uglyAnswerBecause he loves himself more.AnswerA married man who does not love his wife would not deserve her either!He might have an affair. But a married man not loving his wife, is not worth having a wife.

Can a married woman have an affair with a married man?

anyone can have an affair.There are even personal sites for women who want to have an affair, I belive Ashley Madison is the most well known.Answer from Islamic perspective and other religionsPer Islam religion teachings, it is sinful and strictly forbidden to have an affair between unmarried couple, It is more sinful to have this affair between a married woman and a married man who is not her husband. It is the fornication that is forbidden in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism religions,

How do you have a fling?

you have a affair with a married man

What does it mean when a married woman tells a man that she is getting closer him?

When a married woman tells a man she is getting closer to him (if it is not her husband she is speaking too) means she is falling in love with him or wants to have an affair. If the male was smart he would hit the ground running and not get into an affair with her.

Does women love married man?

Some of them do, and some of them don't. It depends on the situation of their affair. From my own search and to much reading, man are the one that do fell in love with the other woman.

How many married people have another affair with the same person from the first affair and why?

ANSWER:Good question; but it will be a bit tricky. I never met married people who had an affair, stop the affair and go back to that person for another affair. The only married man or woman that go back to the first affair he or she had are the one that fell in love to that person. And I think that is the reality that most cheater face.

6 years love affair with a married man do he really care about you?

ANSWER:The question you wanted to know is already answered by you. No married man that will have this length of affair and not care about you. Now the only question you can have is, are you willing to be the part time woman especially during the holiday....

How do you start an affair with a married man?

You don't!

How do you call a woman having an affair with a married man?

If a woman is having an affair with a married man, and by doing so is endangering the stability of that man's family, she can be described as a home wrecker.

Is it legal for a teacher to have a love affair with a married man?

Legal, but pretty dumb. He obviously can't be trusted; he's cheating on his wife.

What does it mean when you dream getting caught making love to a married man?

He's most likely havin an affair tell his wife

Can a man have an affair when he is already married?

yes a man can have an affair but one can not be married.he can marrie after divorce of present wife.