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I would've been like

"hey. Hey. Hey (name)! What is bothering you? I see you mad. What happen?! Tell me what because best friends don't keep secrets away from each other. Tell me I'll listen."

If she is really mad at you, give her some

Time. However; if it's a boy or drama problem, I would've really worry about it.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

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Q: My best friend acts strange near me she ignores me so one time i asked her what time she got for the mile and just kept on walking away acting i was never there does she hate me?
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If your friend is Acting Strange what do you do?

You are helpless until you determine why. Start there.

How can you tell if your friends friend like you?

You can tell if your friends likes you if he or she has respect for you and if he/she is acting strange towards you. If they are acting strange, that's when you should start to worry about a relationship. But, if they're acting normal then there is nothing to be worried about.

How can you help your depressed guy friend when he lies and he ignores you?

he's not worth trying to help when he ignores and lies to you

Why might your dog be acting strange and unsettled all of a sudden?

Tell your vet. how she is acting and maybe they can help with the problem.

How do you tell if your girl friend is over you?

When you talk to her and she ignores you.

I just started going out with a girl and my best friend who is male got angry at this girl and is acting strange and selfish what should i do?

he proberly fancys her so you should ask him why hes acting like that x

How do you know if a friend loves you?

you will know if they love you because they will start acting strange around u or them, they will do anything to talk to you. they will talk for hours on end, they will comfort you when you are sad.

When in a crisis a friend ignores me and the situation why?

A true friend wouldn't do that. The problem is, you don't have a true friend. Don't worry, it happened to me once.

What do you do if a friend ignores you?

You say to them "Look, what is it? Why are you acting like this? Is it me, caus if it is I can change if it means we're friends again. I really want to help you, but you're just not letting me. Please tell me what's wrong." It's always worked for me, so good luck with your friend after they hear this mini sermon!

My boyfriend of a year has been acting strange and told a mutual friend he doesn't know how he feels about me What do I do?

It would be best for you to just ask your boyfriend. This is the only way to find out the truth.

You have a friend who you care about a lot but the friendship so very bad what do you do?

Sit down and talk to your friend, if he/she just ignores you, they aren't your friend at all.

What will you do if a friend ignores you?

Show my attitude ofcourse!! And try to make friendhip to her enemies