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"I think you're cute"

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i like to see you

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Q: Something nice to tell a girl?
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How do you amaze the girl you like?

give her flowers,tell her how you feel,or say something nice

How do you make a girl come back?

You can buy her something nice. You can tell her how important she really is to you.

How do you ask a girl her number?

By asking her. Tell her something nice first about the way she looks, tell her she is beautiful, not hot though.

How do you show a girl you love her when she is far fro you?

send her something nice and get her something pretty, but if you want to do it directly tell her you love her call her or something

How can you really impress a girl?

you can impress a girl by giving her some thing nice flowers, a rose, tell her something like she looks nice and stuff like that so she will feel good about.

How do you tell a girl she has nice legs?

"You have nice legs."

How do you tell a girl that you like here?

you can tell if a girl likes you if she is realy nice to you

How can a boy tell if a girl loves a boy?

i'm a girl so you can trust me if a girl likes you she will be meen or rily nice if she is meen jast be nice if she is rily nice try to show or tell her that you like her . :-) GO HOME UGLY

How do you be a nice girl?

Complement them on something. Say nice and not mean things about them.

What should you do for a girl?

Be nice to the girls...don't be mean to them,tell her you love her alot if you have a crush on her,tell her nice stuff,do anything she tells you to do

What can you do if you love a girl?

tell her......and show her by complementing her and being nice to her

A girl asked me out but I don't like her what do I do?

tell her the truth but be nice!