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She is your niece.

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Q: What do you call your sisters sisters daughter?
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What you call sisters daughter as?

If she is your sisters daughter then she is your neice :)

What do you call sisters daughter as?


What you will call sisters daughter as?


What you call to sisters daughter?


What do you call your sisters daughter?

She is your niece.

What would you call your sisters' daughter?

your Neice

What does you call your sisters daughter in English?

Your niece

What do you call the daughter of your sisters daughter?

Your sister's daughter is your niece, her granddaughter is your "great niece"... or you could just call her by name.

What do you call your cousin sisters daughter?

Your 2nd cousin

What do I call My Wife's sisters daughter?

Cousin - In - Law

What do you call your mothers sisters daughter?

your great aunt.

What should you cal your sisters kid?

You would call your sister's son your nefu and her daughter neice.