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I think your question lacks information. For example, does your boyfriend and his ex have kids or any other reason for talking? Also, are you saying he has cheated on you with her?

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Q: What do you do when your boyfriend still talks to his ex and tells you there will never be anything between them again but he has cheated on you with her?
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If your boyfriend cheated on you is there a chance that he will do it again?

It is more likely than not.

Your boyfriend cheated one you but were back together you had a dream he did it again with the same girl?

You're worried that he might do it again - so you dream about it, that's all. It's not proof of anything else than your very understandable concerns.

How do you get boyfriend back after he cheated on me?

not to be rude but if he cheated on you i would not take him back. find some one else there are plenty of fish in the sea. no man should cheat on there girl. because he cheated on you if you do get him back he's going to do it again and again behind your back and im not trying to be rude just trying to keep you from getting hurt again

How do you get your boyfriend to trust you after you cheated on him?

All you can do is tell him that you are sincerely sorry, and will never do it again. The rest is up to him to decide if he can trust you again. Give him that right because he deserves it after what you did.

Why did he cheat on you and you forgave him he then married you and the day he came back from honeymoon he cheated again?

Because you accepted & tolerated it the first time. You should not have married him knowing he cheated. If he can't be a faithful BOYFRIEND, why were you expecting him to be a faithful HUSBAND? By excusing it the first time, he was under the impression that you've forgive it again & again & again.

How do you gain trust back in boyfriend of 27 years who has cheated?

This is just my opinion, but I dont think I would be able to trust again.

What should you do if your boyfriend cheated on you but you still like him?

Kick him to the curb, no self respecting girl/boy has to put up with that, if he cheated once he WILL do it again. You will find a great guy/gal who will respect and love you. this loser will not.

What do if your boyfriend dumped you because you cheated on him?

Leave him alone. He doesn't have to be (& he shouldn't be!) with you. He doesn't owe you anything. If you can actually be faithful, get another boyfriend & try it again. Cheating, if you want to cheat then face the consequences. Just stay single if you want to flirt like crazy; don't hurt someone because of your recklessness.

Has anyone cheated once and then never cheated again?

I have, and haven't yet again.

If your boyfriend has cheated once how to tell if he is doing it again?

If he really loves and cares about you he won't cheat, but if he doesn't learn from his mistake he isn't worth it.

I cheated on my boyfriend should I stay with him because he wants to make things better or move on so I don't hurt him again Now I'm at the point where I would never do that again should I go?

Your question suggests that you aren't particularly interested in your boyfriend anymore.

My boyfriend cheated on he's ex when he was with her they broke up because she cheated on him with a younger man He nearly cheated on me once will he do it to me again?

Your boyfriend is ego maniacal and selfish! He cheated on his ex and she hit the bottom of the barrel along with him by cheating on him. This is not a way to resolve such problems. Your boyfriend has had things his way far too long and you have the power to control this situation. Talk to your boyfriend and communicate to him that you will not put up with cheating like his ex had to put up with it and if he continues you will end the relationship. If you don't ask for respect or show you are your own woman then you can't expect others to respect you. He isn't the only fish in the sea. You deserve better!