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Fiancee means the person someone is engaged to be married to. If you're not engaged, they're not a fiancee, they're just a boyfriend/girlfriend.

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Q: What does fiancee mean as in love?
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How do you know if you really love your fiancee?

If you have to ask whether you love your fiancee or not then you need more time before committing to marriage. Either postpone the wedding or, break up and make sure you are not in love with love or that you are just not getting cold feet.

Who is Samuel lawson in love with now?

Adrienne lawson his ex-fiancee

You feel unattractive to your fiancee?

Just because you feel unattracted to you fiancee doesn't mean you don't stop loving him. In most cases your just getting cold feet, and by the time it's your wedding, you will be so happy that you ignored that doubt in your mind. In the end, when you say yes to marry your fiancee you obviously did it for a reason. You love this person very much and you know it.

What does it mean when your date says she is going to get married?

Well,obviously,you're not the only guy that she is dating.She must have a fiancee and you're not her fiancee.

How can you get the father of your children and your fiancee papers?

I'm not sure that becoming a fiancee requires paperwork and I'm not sure what you mean by "getting" the father of your children.

How do you know if your fiancee loves you?

You can tell they love you they show affection towards you and love spending time with you. x Hope this helps x

What do you when your fiancee suddenly tells you he doesnt know if he wants to be with you anymore?

Your fiancee may have cold feet or, he may mean what he says. It would be wise to put off the wedding plans and give him a couple of months to sort things out and if he does not then as hard as it will be for you break up with him and there is a slim chance he may well decide that he truly does love you.

What is marathi word for fiancee?


How do you say fiancee in Marathi?


What is the storyline for the movie Sissi?

The fiancee of Sissi's sister falls in love with Sissi. Sissi falls in love with him as well, but has to deal with his overwhelming and headstrong mother.

Can your fiancee file a fiancee visa if he is unemployed?


What does this mean I am about to marry my fiancee but suddenly I had this dream of marrying unknown guy but in my dream this guy and we love each other do you have any interpretation of this dream?

It may you should not marry until you are sure you are heterosexual.---Dr. Freud