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it means she wants to have coffee :)

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Q: What does it mean if a girl wants to meet at a coffee shop?
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Boyfriend wants to meet for coffee.what does this mean?

Maybe it means he wants to hang out with you some more. Or he just likes Coffee... Either Way... :-)

What does it mean if a girl wants you to meet her parents?

It means she's a keeper. Any girl who invites you to meet her parents respects both you and her parents. She wants you to have an idea of how she lives and she wants her parents to (1) get to know you, and (2) give her the "okay" to be with you. It's a good thing.

What is does it mean when a girl wants you to meet her family?

It means she wants you to meet her family. She likes you, and she wants them to get to know you. That's all it means. Sometimes, of course, it means the family has demanded to meet you. If you think there is some other hidden meaning, ask her.

What does it mean if a girl you've gone out with twice wants you to meet her friends?

It means that she wants her friends opinion on you. That way, she can have a better idea if she wants that third date w/ you!

What does it mean if girl says you have to meet me?

I don't think you'll be able to tell until you meet up with her! But realistically she probably just means she wants to meet up with you mate.

You meet a girl for the first time at a party and as you are leaving she wants a hug Does she probably have an interest in you?

probably if she really wants a hug must mean you got love brother

What should you do to make a date with a girl that you never met perfect but you agrees to meet and get to know each other better?

ask her if she wants to get a coffee or have lunch or something casual, not dinner right away

What does it mean When a girl wants you to meet her parents?

if u n that girl r goin out n their somethin between yall is probably she want u to know her parents:)

What does it mean if a girl only wants to meet you after she has had a few drinks but otherwise is reluctant to meet up?

she isn't interested in you as a long term boyfriend, you should find someone else

His sister wants to meet you what does it mean?

If his sister wants to meet you it is just a sign that she wants to know what kind of person her brother is dating.

What does it mean if a girl texts you everyday and frequently wants you to call her and has asked to meet so we can go for dinner and to the cinema?

it means she likes u

What if your guy friend wants to meet your brother what does it mean?

It means he wants to meet your brother. Why try to read something into it, perhaps he just wants more friends.