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He's cheating on you

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Q: What does it mean when your boyfriend ignores you for a week?
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What does it mean when your boyfriend ignores what you say?

that means that your in a normal relationship

What does it mean if he ignores you every second week?

He doesn't like you

When a guy gets over protective of you and then you find out he knows you like him and has known for ages but ignores you the next week does that mean he has no feelings for you?

i will tell you in about 100 years

What must you do if your boyfriend ignores your calls?

text them if broken up text to say sorry

What if your boyfriend doesn't communicate to you in one week what does it mean?

maybe he doesn't love you anymore

Why does your boyfriend ignores you a couple days each month?

Maybe he is trying to stay clear of you when you are on your period.

How do you know when your ex-boyfriend ignores you?

When you say something to him and he continues what he's doing without answering you.

What does it mean if your boyfriend came in you a week ago and you get your period?

you are not pregnant, or else your body believes that you are not pregnant

What does it mean when a gir ignores you?

That she's ignoring you.

What does it mean when a wild animal ignores you?

It doesn't like you

How do you tell if your boyfriend doesnt like you any more?

If he ignores you, acts normal around but not affectionate, or acts weird around you.

Your boyfriend ignores you after you have just spent a weekend together?

Maybe the date didnt go like he planned Ask him : ) -Madeson