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  • Sometimes when a boy touches your chin he may be going to tilt your chin up so he can kiss you.
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Q: What happenes if a boy touches your chin?
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Can cause stunted growth increased acne and organ problems.

How many syllables are in the word eyes?

There is one syllable in the word "eyes." If you have trouble with syllables, try putting your hand under your chin and saying the word. The number of times that your chin touches your hand, as you say the word, equals the number of syllables in the word. For example, if I say dining, my chin touches my hand twice therefore the word "dining" has two syllables.

How many syllables in the word lessen?

2 syllables. To find syllables, put your hand under your chin, say the word while counting how many times your chin touches your hand.

Why does this boy that i know always pokes me and touches me?

He likes you.

If a boy touches you what does it mean?

It depends on how he touches you if he pokes you he's bugging you as a friend but if he rubs you on ur side he likes you

How do you know if a boy is ticklish?

Tickle him under the chin or in the armpits.

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It means different things, depending on the relationship. You did not mention what the boy is to you.

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Two. Tip: Recite the word while you have your hand 1 cm bellow your chin and count how many times your chin touches your hand.

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It means he's insecure about his feelings.

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you probably like him