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Noone is perfect, you can be a good person at heart but everyone has arguements and conflicts. It is the way of life.

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Q: What if someone always states they are a good person?
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What does a trustworthy person do?

i think trustworthy person means's like you trust someone are always doing a good things.........& they are always helping the peoples ............

Someone who always says thinks things are good?

Optimist. The best kind of person around.

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A model escort is someone who is uaually very good looking that is paid to go to an event with someone. Could me that this person is a prostitute although not always.

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i know its hard losing someone u know..try thinking about good times u had with that person..that person is always with you in spirit...and u can always pray

What do we call a person who is always boasting?

A person who is always boasting is often referred to as a braggart or a bragger.

What is the correct sentence always do good or always be a good doer?

Always do good is correct and means what it says. "Always be a good doer" means something slightly different from what it says. A good doer is person who is known for doing good, not necessarily a person who does good.

Why is up almost always related to good and down to bad?

Because good always takes a person up and bad always takes a person down

Is It good to call someone evil?

Not always, no.

When is someone not protected by the good Samaritan law?

As long as you have either your first aid cert or CPR cert you are always protected. The Good Samaritan law comes into effect when you are not certified at all and try to help someone and that person decides to sue you.

What would you call a person who is always happy?

a person who is always in a good mood is called jolly, or enthusiastic

What is someone who pretends to be good?

pretentious person