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Taking advantage of somebody's kindness is trampling on them, using them, and/or making them feel bad because you know that they can handle it and won't complain/tell on you. (Example: If "Sue" punches "Sally" and tells lies about her because "Sue" knows that "Sally" is too nice to do anything, then "Sue" is taking advantage of "Sally's" kindness.)

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Q: What is taking advantage of the kindness of a person?
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Can you get sued for taking advantage of a disabled person?


Is the act of taking advantage of a weaker nation or person.?

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What does Taking Advantage mean?

Take advantage means to use somebody excesively when they have offered you a service or kindness. Although the phrase can simply mean to make use of with no negative connotation, ("Take advantage of our two-for-one offer") it more often suggests exploiting the kindness or weakness of another for one's excessive gain.

Its means that taking advantage?

it means taking advantage

What is the act of taking advantage of a weaker nation or person?

The stronger person or nation is exploiting the weaker one. They are taking over just because the weaker nation is not able to defend itself.

What started the conflict between he man and the elephant in the gentlemen of he jungle?

I believe the cause was the elephant taking advantage of the man's kindness and eventually claiming the man's hut as his own.

Why do women take advantage of men?

they do NOT!!! >:( This is not a gender thing, the taking advantage of a person thing is about the person and their morals. People with no morals take advantage of people that tend to be to nice and trusting, this could happen to anyone. A woman could get taken advantage of by another woman or man and a man could be taken advantage of by a woman or man.

Friend taking advantage?

You need to learn the word 'no.' Don't be so afraid of possibly losing a friend by saying no when they are taking advantage of you. People will respect you much more if you tell the truth as to whether you want to do something for someone or not. Don't sit back and let this person take advantage of you any longer and calmly tell them you feel they are taking advantage of you and you aren't putting up with it any longer.

What is a sturdy beggar?

A sturdy beggar is a term used to describe someone who appears to be healthy and able-bodied, yet chooses to beg for money or assistance. It can be seen as deceptive or manipulative behavior, taking advantage of others' kindness or generosity.

What does What is the point mean?

It means "What is the purpose?". The phrase is often used when a person believes that there is no advantage in taking a particular action. For example, What is the point in taking an umbrella on a bright sunny day?

How do you spell exploatan?

The likely word is "exploration" (investigation, search).The similar word is exploitation meaning taking advantage of a person, or event.

What might Polite character do?

respect another person or treat the other person with kindness