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Q: What is the female head of a family?
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Who is dominate in a mongoose family?

The head female is the most dominate in the family.

What is the Female Head Of Family called?


What is the term used to describe the female head of a human family?


Who is the head of an elephants family?

The matriarch. The oldest and most experienced female.

What is the English to scottish Gaelic translation of female head of family?


What is A nine letter word that starts with m meaning family member?

matriarch, meaning female head of the family.

When someone call you a matriarch?

It means the woman has the power in the relationship, so if you're female....then they're calling you powerful.Clarification:A matriarch is the female head of the extended family, which is usually the eldest female member. It can be your grandmother, mother, aunt, etc.Likewise, a patriarch is the male head of the extended family, also usually the eldest male family member.

What do you call male leader of family?

If you mean the male head of the (in this case) herd, then you call it an "Alpha male". CORRECT ANSWER: Male elephants are called bulls. However, there is no male head of the herd. The head of a herd is always a female elephant, a cow. Elephants are a matriarchal society, which means they are female centric.

Is a patriarch male or female?

A patriarch is male and a matriarch is female. Abraham was a patriarch and Sarah was a matriarch.

What is a sow's head?

A sow is a female pig, so a sow's head would be a female pig's head.

What is a female head of an abbey called?

what is the female head of an abbey called

What is another word for the head of the family?

head of a family