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Sorry to say but i think he just wants out. :-(

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Q: What to do if a guy says he doesn't feel like he's putting enough feeling in a relationship?
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What to do if a guy says he doesn't feel like he's putting enough feeling in your relationship and you kind of want to rekindle your relationship and make him care again and want you again?

You shouldn't be shy, tell him how you feel. If he truly cares he will give more effort on his part of relationship. Or maybe he's a shy guy.

Why do girls cheat on they boyfriends?

They either get a thrill from the cheating aspect, or they weren't feeling enough fulfillment in the original relationship.

What does it mean when a husband cheats but doesn't feel guilty?

I guess he feels somehow his wife is doing him wrong or not putting out enough sex for him. Or it could be that he feels if she doesnt know about it, it is okay.

Is love enough to keep a relationship going?

LOVE IS EVERY THING IN A RELATIONSHIP IF THE PERSON YOUR WITH DONT BELIVE IN LOVE THERE NOT GOOD FOR NOTHING AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP WILL GO NO WERE. Answer If the love is great enough it can overcome many obstacles. Love IS EVERYTHING in a relationship because without it the relationship cannot flourish and be everlasting.

I have a child with a man but I don't know if his still interested in me how can i tell?

well, if you think you have a decent enough relationship then why dont you just staright up ask him. But then again, you have to wonder where the relationship is at - if your even feeling like you have to ponder that question.

When was Feeling Good Is Good Enough created?

Feeling Good Is Good Enough was created on 2005-10-11.

What do you do if your compurter doesnt have enough RAM?

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When is enough enough in a relationship?

When you are no longer happily struggling together.

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He has a girlfriend but he looks at you when you are around what is going on is one girlfriend not enough?

it seems like his relationship is going a bit rocky and he is looking fir backup so he can prove he doesnt need her. if u like his gilfriend thanm stay waaaaaaay out of it

Even though he cheated does that mean he doesnt love you?

not enough to keep him

What does I'm feeling the pinch mean?

I might not have enough money.