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Most of the time it depends on the little sister. Like mine she only bothers when she's in a good mood. And 98% of the time she's in a good mood! You should tell her you'll tell on her. But what I've noticed is that the meaner I am to her the more she annoy's me! But try to get something the they take a lot of time and pride in and pretend to ruin it so they don't annoy you. And don't worry your not the only one, plus a few more years and your out!

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go in your room put head phones in and listen to music if u dont have an iPod put the radio on and if you share a bed room with the siblin then go into another room and just calm down trust me i have to older sisters and one younger brother i get annoyed alot!!

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Q: What to do when your brother and sisters annoy you?
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