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because of hormones

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Q: What usually is the reason teenage boys look for in girls?
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Is it easier to make friends with teenage girls or teenage boys?

Usually girls but the ones that are normal Not the ones that are snobby and popoular and not the ones that are rude and ugly. This is the same for boys

Do teenage girls or teenage boys runaway more?

Teenage girls tend to run away more often then Teenage boys. For every boy that runs away 3 girls do.

How do you get teenage girls to want to kiss teenage boys?

depends but usually with a bit if tongue from boy otherwise normal lingered kiss

Should 10 year old boys wear girls underwear?

Not all teenage boys cross dress. But, curiosity is the usual reason.

What do teenage boys think are hot in teenage girls?

First of all teenage boys think constantly about teenage girls. We just want good looks and a smiling face too and style also matters.

Why do teenage boys not show how they feel about teenage girls?

theyre afraid of rejection.

Who are meaner Teenage boys or teenage girls?

teenage girls hurt feelings by talking about people behind their backs teenage boys are more aggresive and physical so it truley depends on what mean your talking about-emotional or physical

Why do teenage boys stare at teenage girls breasts?

Teenage boys may stare at teenage girls' breasts due to curiosity, lack of social awareness, or reinforcement from media. It is important to educate young individuals on respect and boundaries in order to foster healthy relationships and promote mutual understanding.

Do teenage boys like it when girls ask them out?

Yes they do.

Should teenage boys babysit preteen girls?


Do teenage boys go through a stage of loving other boys?

MAybe if they are gay...i am a teenage boy and i like girls

Who flirts more teenage boys or teenage girls?

teenage girls defiantly! Teenage girls are more serious about boys and relationships, also they are to scared to ask for them self so they flirt as a sort of hint! xx the guys are not as flirty because they are bad at it. lol. teenage girls CAN NOT ask a guy out its too uncomfortable.Hope i have been helpful xx :D