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There are websites that provides prayer request service like or You can submit your prayer request to be included in the book of intentions of Carmelite Nuns and/or to be prayed for by others. You can submit your prayer request in private, public or public-anonymous.

*I've found a forum where they posted to receive prayer request. You can check it out here: *

I also wrote a really good Article about the power of prayer and if praying Online really works. Please give it a look

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Q: Where can you submit prayer request online?
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A Prayer Request is when someone asks for a prayer from others. This could be going to friends, a post on Facebook, or online at a prayer request site like GODPleaseHearMe.

What are the contact of TB Joshua if you need prayers on line?

See related links for a form where you can submit your prayer request.

To which address can i sent my prayer request?

It all depends on where you would like to send it. If you have a local church that you attend you could send it there, but now a days people usually submit their prayer request online at sites like GODPleaseHearMe. This allows them to easily track, monitor, and share their prayers with others way beyond their geographical location.

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Of course, I can help with that! What would you like me to pray for?

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