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Q: Who is tasts the best?
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What is the flavor of cheese?

You know i had that same questian but it tasts like what ever you say it tasts like and/or what ever flavor it is.

What are the tasts of strawbarries?

yummy,good, wunderful

What tasts like green?

Green tastes like spaghetti?

What something tasts like?

Acidic = sour. Think lemons

Are m80s illegal?

yer but it tasts nice but i like pot

How does chicken tast?

Chicken tastes like chicken.

What is continental Asia's most northern point?

it tasts like candy canes at Christmas

Does sugar pill have a sugar tasts?

No, sugar pill is a common-language term for placebo. They are not sweet.

How does cat tast?

It tasts like joiepoo with an s ahah idk but its really gross and hummy

How does a crush potato differ from a whole potato when hydrogen peroxide is added to each separately?

it tasts funny =)

What is aniseed?

A form of licourish i think or at least, very like it. its a root plant, you chew the root and it tasts like licourish.

Can you grind the cane sugar and put a little cornstarch to make a sugar icing?

No... I've tried it and it tasts really bad!