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Q: Who is the bass player for the Country's Family Reunion show on RfdTV?
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What Channel is The Equestrian Channel on for Verizon Direct TV?

Its channel 345 (RFDTV) on DirectTV through Verizon.

Why don't Jehovah's Witnesses sing gospel music?

ANSWERYes, we are just like anybody else. Choices in music, movies, TV, are all a matter of individual tastes. At the same time, we realize that our choices can influence our behaviour, so we are encouraged to be selective in our choices. For example, we are warned against the dangers of exposing ourselves to movies that feature graphic sex and violence. But we are also instructed that we are individually responsible before God for our own choices that we make. Our congregation elders are not spiritual policemen that come to our house and check to see what we have been watching or listening to. We also dance. Even at get togethers that some in the congregation may hold. One other side note is that we are encouraged to be balanced in the matter of entertainment. A person can waste a lot of productive, valuable time watching movies, TV, and playing video games. So we are encouraged to be wise with our time.ANSWERI'm a JW, and I listen to music, my favorite band being the Jonas Brothers, and I watch TV, my favorite channels being Disney, USA network (Monk, awesome show) TV Land (Old TV shows are the best!) and history (I love history!!) I will watch RFDTV if they have something about horses. ANSWERThere are those,including some in the organization,who feel that listening to or having a career in pop music is a strange thing for a Jehovah's Witness to do as it has connections with drug taking and the occult.Listening to rap music and heavy metal has been strongly discouraged by the organization for these reasons,but many parents do find it difficult to prevent their children listening to these art forms as they often have little or no knowledge about them.Indeed,it is often ignorance about modern music that causes some parents in our religion to discourage their children from listening to it,as you may find it more difficult to accept something if you don't know much about it. Examples of people in the recording industry who became Jehovah's Witnesses include Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin,German easy listening artist Ricky King,jazz artist Benny Golson and the singers Michael Jackson,George Benson,Prince and William DeVaughn.