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Ino because Sakura goes with Naruto and Kiba goes with Hinata. Everybody noes that Shilamaru like Temari.

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Q: Who will Sasuke marry in naruto?
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Will Sakura marry Sasuke or Naruto?

Neither. Sakura doesn't marry Sasuke or Naruto.

Will naruto marry Sasuke?


Will naruto marry Sasuke and in what espisod?


Do Sasuke and naruto get marry?

It seams unlikely.

Did Naruto marry saskura?

Naruto marrys Hinata sasuke marrys sakura

On Naruto does Sakura marry lee or sasuke?

no she didnt marry even one of them

Why didn't naruto marry Sasuke?

Naruto and Sasuke did not have romantic feelings towards each other. Actually, through most of the series, Naruto was had a huge crush on Sakura.

Could Naruto marry Sasuke?

Yes. He could. If Sasuke or Naruto were changed to a girl, I am pretty sure they would get married. It's only because of people who don't like boy x boy.

Does Sasuke Uchiha marry sakara?

No, Sasuke Uchiha does not marry Sakura Haruno. In the Naruto series, Sasuke and Sakura do end up together and have a daughter named Sarada, but they are not shown to be married.

Does Naruto marry Hinata or Sakura in the future by any chance?

Most likely yes, because i dont think naruto will marry sakura because she will end up having sasuke. I agree Hinata and Naruto Sasuke and Sakura or Sakura with Lee or Gaara

Should sasuke marry Sakura or should Naruto?

The decision of whom Sasuke should marry is subjective and open to personal interpretation. It depends on the individual's preferences and opinions on the characters and their relationships.

Does Naruto marry someone?

okay first of all that did not make no sense does naruto marry some 1? and the answer is we don't know cuz its not over yet naruto might marry hinata cuz she said ''i love you naruto'' and naruto liked sakura but since sakura didn't pay attention to him she just like sasuke but sasuke don't like her and since hinata said that i bet naruto forgot all bought sakura