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  • The reason most couples with problem marriages cannot save their marriage without professional help is because neither can 'see the forest for the trees' which means they are too involved in the problems to realize what they are and that is why a marriage counselor is needed because he/she will help you sort out problems in the marriage as well as tools to strengthen the marriage by learning good communication skills.
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Q: Why can you not save your marriage without professional help?
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Need Wife to join you to sort help to save marriage?

It takes both people working hard to fix a marriage, so yes you will need your wife's help. You should talk to her about it. There is no good relationship without communication.

How to save a marriage in trouble?

Save The Marriage ( has lots of great tips for you and your partner to recover your marriage. I would also recommend perhaps seeing a local marriage counselor to resolve these issues with a professional.

How could one save a marriage as a man?

Depending on the relationship, a man can try and save his marriage by acting compassionately. A man can try and romance his wife to try and make things work by putting the spark in their marriage. Showing interest in their spouse can also help a man save a rocky marriage.

What else can you do after doing everything you can to save your marriage without your husband help who did the cheating?

If he is not willing why are you beating yourself up? Unless you still love him. Also we do not have more information on your past and actual situation, you should talk to him about it, and have a third party a minister or a professional counselor or even a family member who you both can trust to help you both out of it or anything you are dealing with right now.

what tips are there to save a marriage?

You cannot save your marriage based on general advice from the internet. You need to be able to communicate with each other and get to the root of your problems. It might be helpful to enlist the help of a counsellor

How can professional home organizers help me save money?

Professional home organizers can help you save money by helping you avoid costly mistakes. If you pick the wrong organization system, you will have wasted a lot of money and time. By using a professional, you are more likely to get the right organization solution the first time.

What are the personal academic and professional benefits for knowing medical terms?

It can help save someone's life

What is successfull in an arranged marriage?

yes, arranged marriage is successfull bcoz in arranged marriage we get bless from our parents, if any problem create in our marred life then our parents help to solve this problem and save this relationship.

What is the duration of One Week to Save Your Marriage?

The duration of One Week to Save Your Marriage is 1500.0 seconds.

After your spouse affair is there any help to save your marriage?

When a spouse has had an affair and broken that bond of trust it is difficult to earn back. Going to marriage counseling may help the situation and explain to the spouse that marriage counseling is not about blaming one of the spouses, but giving them tools to learn to communicate in their marriage and know how to rectify any future problems in their marriage. Many couples may have experienced one spouse having an affair and it is not uncommon for both couples to have an affair, but, they do manage to save their marriage. It is entirely up to the couple.

How to save marriage without counseling?

I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles, but this is common in many marriages. I personally think that counseling is a good idea if things are bad, but if it is not something you want to consider, you might find some good advice here:

When was One Week to Save Your Marriage created?

One Week to Save Your Marriage was created on 2006-08-07.