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What do you mean by young?

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Q: Why young girls shouldn't have intercorse?
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Do girls like it when intercorse is longer or shorter?

Depends on the girl, ask her. She will let you know if she wants to stop.

Can boys marry senior girls?

YES THEY CAN theres no reason why they shouldnt if they love them then YES THEY CAN!!!!!!

Do Hispanic guys like mixed girls?

it shouldnt matter, just if you have a good personality

Why a girl says no for the first time to a boy?

because the boy always wants sexual intercorse first and in that point girls will say no for the first time

What shouldnt girls ask boys?

Don't ask to have love directly because that is kind of akward to the boy

Action that begins with i?


Do TV programs cause violence?

They do not, thought you shouldnt watch violent shows. Especially at a young age!

If it won't go in is she too young?

First of all how old are you and her ? You shouldnt have sex until you are 16 or older

What is the normal duretion of intercorse?

It varies.

When was The Young Girls of Rochefort created?

The Young Girls of Rochefort was created in 1967.

When was Very Young Girls created?

Very Young Girls was created in 2007.

My boyfriend is in prison now how do you know if he is writing to other girls?

You May Never Know If Your Boyfriend Is Writing To Other Girls. But If You Trust Him, Then You Shouldnt Worry. If You Dont Trust Him, Try Talking To Him.